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TeamXStream has provided conferences and leagues with Exchange solutions since 2009, including high school, college, club, and professional sports teams.

All teams and sports are welcome.

Fast Uploads

Upload your game in as little as 5 minutes. We've developed the fastest video upload system in the industry.


Invite your entire conference to TeamXStream to host a private exchange. Our automated "lockout" features to keep the exchange fair for everyone.

Exchange with Anyone

Send video to anyone, even if they aren't a current TeamXStream client. If they have email, they can receive your video.


Our Conference Exchange is private and secure, so only participating teams can access video.


Our motto is Exchange, Share, Analyze. We provide the tools for a team to streamline their entire video workflow.


We take a consultative approach to ensure our clients get the most value from the product and are comfortable using the tools.

Why TeamXStream

Teams trust TeamXStream with their exchange because its easy, secure, and cost effective.

Host your Exchange on TeamXStream at no cost. Unlike other companies, exchanged videos do not count against your team's hours.

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Is it really free?

Yes, the free exchange is available for teams and conferences that want to exchange film individually, or as part of a pool.   Each team can upload the first 10 hours of video each year at no cost.

Can I get more Storage?

You can upgrade your storage at any time and we offer several storage sizes to fit your needs and budget. Your hours reset ever year so you can continue to add more video to your team's library.

Who can I send video to?

You can send video to any other team, even if they are not TeamXStream clients. 

Does Exchange count against my hours?

Video you receive from an exchange does not count against your hours.   If your opponent sends you a full-access copy of the game, that will count against your hours.   Typical exchanges do not count.

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