Team Plan

For coaches that want to share video with the entire team (coaches, staff, admin, players)

  • Coaches accounts (unlimited)
  • Player Accounts
  • Upload to your library
  • 720p video
  • Streaming
  • Download
  • File Conversion & Merging
  • Email / Phone support
  • 3 year search history
  • Custom Groups
  • Video Folders
  • Player Profiles / Highlights
  • TXS Access
  • Pinning
  • TXS-Drive (document storage)
  • Import video via link
  • Text Messaging
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Pricing & Storage Options

  • Unlimited hours - $920 / year
  • 50 hours - $560 / year
  • 25 hours - $400 / year
  • 10 hours - $300 / year
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How It Works

Our Plans are setup so teams can select a Plan that matches their budget and their needs.

As a client, you pay for an account each year. First select a Plan that best fits your needs (one that has the features you want), and the amount of new storage space for uploading new video.

Each of our Plans includes a specific set of features, and they build off of each other.

Once you've selected a Plan, select the storage option will meet your needs for the coming year (how much video do you plan to upload this year).

Once enrolled, you can continue uploading new video to your TeamXStream account until all of the storage space has been utilized.

If you run out of hours, you can purchase additional hours or you can renew your account early.

Video you receive from an Exchange (from other teams) does not count against your hours. Videos that fail to process do not count against your hours.

We will send you email notifications 2 weeks prior to the end of the year. We do not automatically renew you each year.

Each year, when it's time to renew, you can select a new Plan and a new batch of storage.