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New from TeamXStream, Playbook Database.

Integrate playbooks & diagrams with game video for the complete coaching workflow.

Consolidate all your plays and share them from one place, regardless of their format.

TeamXStream is the first and only company that helps coaches integrate diagrams from every drawing tool.


Design plays using your favorite drawing tools

Import Plays into your TeamXStream Playbook Database

Create and Share Unlimited Playbooks

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No Extra Cost. Playbook DB is included in our Analyst Plan.

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Your team's video & playbook automatically stay in sync when you breakdown your games on TeamXStream.

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Tag & Search across all of your Playbooks

  • Run / Pass / Defense / Specials Teams
  • Offensive Formation
  • Offensive Personnel
  • Defensive Front
  • Defensive Alignment
  • Defensive Personnel
  • Coverage
  • Blitz
  • Add multiple diagrams / variations per play

Create unlimited Playbooks

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Organize plays the way you like

Examples above brought to you by our friends at FirstDown PlayBook

The Ultimate Digital Playbook Tool

  • Draw & Edit your own plays
  • Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Youth & Flag
  • The most comprehensive football playbook
    on the planet