Department Pricing

TeamXStream has been working with athletic departments at all levels since 2009 to provide video services. The platform is built for speed, efficiency, and ease of use.

Our department pricing is flexible and allows each team to select the plan that fits their needs, no waste.

All Sports welcome

The TeamXStream Platform is built for any sports team that wants to share and exchange video.


Bring 4 or more teams into TeamXStream and enjoy a 20% discount on your department's bill.

Free Exchange

For teams that only need a basic video Exchange, we offer a plan that is completely free to use.


Our athletic department pricing program allows teams to share storage hours to save cost. We have the flexibility to tailor a package that fits your schools needs and budget.

We also offer Unlimited storage at a very affordable price.


TeamXStream was originally built specifically for team film exchange. The companies original name was "Film Exchange Network"... it's in our DNA.

Our Conference Exchange service is trusted by hundreds of college and professional organizations.

Coaches & Athletes

The platform provides the tools for coaches to streamline their video operations, and for players to easily access the video they need for preparation.

Our Promise

TeamXStream takes pride in providing great tools, affordable pricing, and customer service that goes above and beyond.

Example Pricing

Here are a few examples of our Department Pricing, so you can see the model in action.

Example 1 - 5 Teams (Team Plan)

  • $300 - Football
  • $300 - Basketball (M)
  • $300 - Basketball (W)
  • $300 - Volleyball
  • $300 - Soccer (M)

$300 - Discount (20%)

$1200 - Grand Total

Example 2 - 6 Teams (mixed plans)

  • $1220 - Football (Analyst Plan - Unlimited hours)
  • $300 - Basketball Boys (Team Plan)
  • $600 - Basketball Girls (Analyst Plan)
  • $300 - Volleyball (Team Plan)
  • $600 - Soccer Boys (Analyst Plan)
  • $300 - Soccer Girls ( Team Plan )

$664 - Discount (20%)

$2656 - Grand Total

Example 4 - 8 Teams (Analyst Plan)

  • $600- Football
  • $600- Basketball (M)
  • $600- Basketball (W)
  • $600- Volleyball
  • $600- Soccer (M)
  • $600- Soccer (W)
  • $600- Lacrosse (M)
  • $600- Lacrosse (W)

$960 - Discount

$3840 - Grand Total

As you can see in these examples, our department pricing model is flexible and budget friendly. Each team can select the plan that best meets their needs.

  • The Exchange Plan is perfect for the coach that wants to do video exchange and build a video library.
  • The Team Plan goes further, allowing the coach to share video with the team (players, parents, alumni).
  • The Analyst Plan goes further still, allowing the coach to do video breakdown, playlists, and other analytics tools.

We would love to discuss the options with you to see if TeamXStream is a good fit for your programs.

Build a Package for your Teams